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My son has been taking lessons with Aaron over the last 4 years. Aaron provides a fantastic learning environment and very engaging musical community that allows each student to learn and grow at their own pace. I would enthusiastically recommend Aaron to any student/family looking for a high quality, professional and fun learning experience.

We found exactly the music instruction and support we’d been looking for in Aaron Doerr! We knew it would take a professional with a unique combination of creativity, patience, and high expectation. As an adult with no previous musical training and a teenager with a complex disability, we know we’ll need to work hard if we’re ever going to make beautiful music on our guitars. Every week, Aaron is ready to get right to work where ever we left off! And every week, we leave with more knowledge and develop more skill.

My daughter who is 9 has been taking guitar lessons with Aaron for over a month now, and loves it! Aaron is not only a great teacher, but a great role model. Aaron is always attentive and very patient while teaching. The studio is a great space to learn in and very comfy for parents to hang out in.

I’ve been taking lessons on and off with Aaron for a few years, and I always enjoy them. Aaron focuses on the music that I like to play, and finds a way to help me build my skills within the genre of music that I enjoy and would like to perform. He always makes the lessons fun, but appropriately challenging. Most importantly, he provides a lot of opportunities to perform with other students and musicians, which keeps me motivated to practice and improve. I would, and often do, recommend Aaron for anyone considering taking guitar lessons.

I’m in my mid-20s, and wanted to learn to play the guitar. Aaron had me on stage at an open-mic night within just a couple of months! He’s a lot of fun, very professional, and very patient. He has a great teaching philosophy, focusing both on playing technically proficient, as well as being able to really hear that music and the notes. Some of the fastest hour lessons of my life!

My middle-school son has had Guitar lessons with Aaron as a starter from 2 years ago. My son can play decent music pieces by now. It ended up four friends of my son are students of Aaron as well… Aaron also offers performance opportunities in public that motivates students for working harder. Aaron is good at communicating with students and parents as well. As a parent, I know what is going on with his program and my son’s progress. I can see that my son enjoys playing as one of his most favorite activities.

Aaron… is an amazing music teacher. He challenges and encourages with enthusiasm and a positive attitude… such a great learning experience. He is also flexible – kids taste in music changes and Aaron goes with it, allowing them to experiment an try new things. In addition he is flexible in scheduling, punctual and professional. I’m not a musician myself, but we have seen great results with the techniques he uses. Very happy with our progress.

In a word, I have to say Aaron is awesome! I’ve “played at” guitar since I was a teenager… Aaron very quickly took me to new levels with a deeper knowledge of the fretboard, reading/understanding tabs, Travis picking, lead guitar and theory, all backed up with disciplined drills. In less than 6 months, Aaron has taken me to levels and skills I never thought I could accomplish. He hosts open mic nights where his students can play together (and overcome stage fright). Online notes from each lesson are provided so students can review “homework”, link to backing tracks or videos. This has been a very helpful addition to the 1-hour lessons. He also selflessly recommends other instruction venues… to round out skill sets. Very highly recommended!

Our daughter has taken guitar lessons from Aaron for over a year now and several of her friends do so as well. Aaron is great with the kids, very enthusiastic but measured in his approach to teaching and my daughter really enjoys it. I have no problem leaving her with him for lessons. Additionally, he will occasionally get many of his students in front of an audience at a small venue for a performance, which really helps with their confidence.


Steve W.
7d ago

He’s great with our son!

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